Evo Bradford Pin Bristle Brush

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a dressing brush well- suited for polishing and smoothing hair.

recommended for
all hair types; especially long, thick, wavy, curly hair; use to
polish and smooth.

– improves manageability – natural boar bristles* distribute natural
oils to help reduce damage and frizz
– adds shine – high- heat resistant, nylon pins polish† cuticle to smooth and add shine
– gentle styling – natural, soft rubber cushion provides gentler styling
– environmentally conscious – made with wood from well- managed forests
how to use
dry hair completely. detangle with a wide- tooth comb. work with
medium sections, lightly place bradford at the roots and brush through to ends.

brush care
remove excess hair using a long- tooth comb. wash with warm,
soapy water; rinse clean and blow- dry excess water.