Moroccanoil Ceramic Round Brush 55mm

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High-quality materials with ionic and ceramic properties, combined with cutting-edge construction in top-of-the-line Moroccanoil Ceramic Brushes, provide a comfortable and effortless experience for both stylist and client. Brush bristles contain ions
that repel water, causing moisture to evaporate quickly, while ceramic—which retains heat more efficiently than other materials—emits heat over a wider spectrum of frequencies. These two factors combine to improve and enhance drying time.
Ions also act as a conditioner to the hair shaft, resulting in healthy, shiny hair with body. These brushes have a more consistent temperature due to ceramic’s
tendency to lose and gain heat less rapidly than metal, and their strong and durable construction allows them to last twice as long as the average brush. Ready to style? Brushes feature a sectioning tip stored inside the handle to part and section clients’ hair.

Key Features
– Ionic and ceramic properties enhance drying time
– Strong, durable construction makes brushes long-lasting
– Ions condition the hair shaft, resulting in a healthier, shinier look